Height: 6’4’’ (195cm)   Weight: 105kg   Hair: Dark Brown   Eyes: Brown


Lead                             The Orange Grove                                               Noosa Arts Theatre

Lead                             Erotique                                                                 Noosa Arts Theatre

Lead                            David Williamson’s Influence                             Noosa Arts Theatre

Video Games

Lead Role Gator               Suicide Run                                               Bezerk Entertainment

Various Characters  Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Bush Rescue II and III  Krome Studios             


For the past 10 years Mark Darin has been the co-host of the Sunshine Coast’s number one radio show 92.7 MIX FM’s Mark & Caroline for Breakfast.

TV Appearances

Southern Cross Ten’s BIG MOUTHS Segment

Various Radio Promotional TV Campaigns

Voice Overs(Radio)

Southern Cross Austero including Triple M Sydney, Brisbane B105, Canberra’s FM 104.7 and across regional Australia on the SEA FM Network, ARN Network 97.3 FM, 4KQ, MIX 102.3 Adelaide and Canberra’s MIX 106.3, Fairfax Media 4BC and 4BH

Dialects: Australian, Russian, South African, Scottish, British (Cockney/BBC), Italian

Specialty Skills Martial Arts, Security, Civil Engineer, Motor-bike rider, Rugby Union Player, Drummer


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