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Should Queensland legalise Marijuana?

A Sunshine Coast woman who believes marijuana has been provided to mankind by God told a Maroochydore magistrate yesterday that her drug charges were illegal, unconstitutional and in conflict with the words of the Holy Bible.

Should we legalise Polygamy in Australia?

Marc Glasby was faithful to his wife Belle for 30 years – until he fell in love with her identical twin sister, Dorothy. Now he loves them both. And they love him. And the three of them live together, the women taking it in turns to sleep with Marc. And they want to get married!

The Aunt of four Queensland sisters in hiding to avoid deportation to Italy

A Sunshine Coast mother is distraught over a Family Court ruling ordering the deportation of her four daughters to Italy. Click to hear Mark and Caroline speak with the girls’ Aunt after the desicion to go into hiding.